All child be child?

“Ah!” Which male child are they talking about? She soliloquised. Try as she could, she couldn’t figure it out because as far as she knew she was an only child. Perhaps she had a brother that she didn’t know about? She made a mental note to ask her mother why she had simply not told the man that there’s no male child. She also planned to tell the man off if he harassed her mother ever again.

How I met your daddy Ep5

And we delivered! Not on time but delivered nonetheless. The story continues….budding love… Kwame ‘Annoying’ Asiedu even daddy at all? We’ll find out. Enjoy! If you missed the previous episode read here How I met your daddy Ep4 I wanted to tell him how good he looked, how nice and fresh he smelt, instead I saidContinue reading “How I met your daddy Ep5”


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